50 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day


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Earth Day happens every year on April 22nd. And no, it’s not just a day where everyone you follow on Instagram reminds you they went on a hike once (#views). It’s actually a day meant to encourage changes in human behavior as well as take action to create global, national, and local policy changes. Ultimately these are things we have to work for year-round, but April 22nd is the special day to celebrate it.

It’s like your birthday. Everyone celebrates a little extra on your birthday, but they don’t stop caring for you when the day is over. Earth Day is the same. We should use the time to give a little extra love to Mother Earth, but our actions should still persist once the day is over. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 50 ways to celebrate Earth Day every day.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day outside

1. Visit a local botanical garden.

2. Find a nature preserve near you and take a walk.

3. Learn how to compost.

4. Start your own garden.

5. Join a community garden.

6. Go on a picnic.

7. Fill your yard with native plants.

8. Organize a park or beach clean up.

9. Bike or walk somewhere you would normally drive.

10. Visit a local farmer’s market and buy the ingredients for your next meal.

11. Go hiking in a national park (and remember to practice the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace).

12. Attend a climate strike (or make plans to attend a future one).

Ways to celebrate Earth Day inside

13. Curl up on your couch and read a book on environmental justice.

14. Create a windowsill herb garden.

15. Turn off the lights and enjoy a dinner by candlelight (and don’t forget to turn the phones and television off).

16. Watch an environmental documentary.

17. Learn how to store your food correctly and prevent food waste.

18. Cook a plant-based meal.

19. Turn your old sheets or clothes into a rug.

20. Write a letter to a brand you would like to see make eco-friendly changes.

21. Learn how to properly recycle in your city.

22. Learn how to mend your clothing.

23. Treat yourself to a sustainable self-care night.

24. Sign up for a free sustainability course.

25. Clean your house with eco-friendly cleaning products.

26. Contact your local government representative regarding climate policy

27. Declutter your home the sustainable way.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day with kids

28. Go on a family bike ride.

29. Have a nature scavenger hunt – make a list of plants and animals you may find near your home and see how many you can find.

30. Make an upcycled craft together.

31. Tie-Dye t-shirts with food waste dye.

32. Have an outdoor color match challenge.

33. Visit a local science museum.

34. Help them grow their own food from food scraps.

35. Make a bird feeder together.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day at work

36. Organize a plant-based bake sale—proceeds go to an environmental organization.

37. Host a waste-free Zoom cooking event.

38. Start using Ecosia as your search engine and encourage co-workers to do the same.

39. Bring your own utensils for lunch instead of using the plastic ones.

40. Find ways to reduce the amount of paper you use.

41. Send fewer emails (yes, emails do contribute to carbon emissions).

42. Talk to your HR department about starting an Employee Resource Group focused on sustainability.

Ways to celebrate Earth Day that will save you money

43. Be more intentional about turning lights off when you leave a room.

44. Make a plan to shop secondhand first the next time you need something new.

45. Join a local Buy Nothing Group.

46. Host a clothing swap with all your friends.

47. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using a dryer.

48. Swap disposables for reusables (like swapping cotton balls for reusable cotton rounds).

49. Unsubscribe from retail newsletters (fewer emails mean fewer emissions, and it’s less likely they’ll be able to entice you into an impulse purchase).

50. Stop buying books and pick up a library card instead.

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