6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home


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Anyone else ever wonder just how “clean” their cleaning products actually are? With unpronounceable chemicals and unclear regulations around toxic ingredients, it can be hard to tell. For products that both you and the planet can enjoy check out our list of 6 eco-friendly cleaning products below (and if you’re on a real cleaning streak, check out our guide on how to sustainably declutter your home too!)

6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home | Blueland Cleaning Products

Household Cleaners

Blueland offers eco-friendly alternatives to some of your most used cleaning products including glass cleaner, bathroom and our favorite – the multi-purpose (great for kitchens, tabletops, dusting, you name it). Just fill up one of their BPA-free bottles with water, drop in the toxin free tablet and watch your green cleaner form in front of you. Their bottles are designed to last forever so you’ll only have to replenish the tablets, which are just $2 and come in compostable packaging.

6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home | Walnut Scouring Pad from Public Goods

Bathroom Sponge

For everyone’s favorite, bathroom cleaning (*eye roll*), we recommend using a tough scouring pad like this Walnut Scrubber from Public Goods. You’ll be able to cut through relentless soap scum guilt-free because it’s made of 100% natural vegetable cellulose. It’s also good for dishwashing if you’re looking to swap your sponge for something more eco-friendly.

6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home | Compostable Dish Scrubber from Package Free Shop

Dish Scrubber

As far as dishwashing goes, a compostable scrubber is a great alternative to your bacteria-laden dish sponge (which also contains pesky microplastics). This one from the Zefiro is made from bamboo and when it’s on its last scrub just remove the head and toss it in the compost bin. Then lock in a new one and get to washing (or ditch the dishes, have a glass of wine and clean tomorrow, we won’t judge).

6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home | Zero-Waste Dishwashing Bar from Etsy

Dish Soap

To go along with your sustainable scrubber, you’ll probably want to replace your standard dish soap with an eco-friendly cleaning product as well. Lather your brush with this zero-waste dish washing bar and get to work on that caked-on food. It’s handmade in San Francisco, CA, is free of plastic packaging and according to reviews cuts through stubborn grease without leaving any residue. Bonus, it can be used to take stains out of laundry, tiles and tubs too.

Sustainable Stain Remover from The Laundress

Stain Remover

All of our spill-prone Green Freaks can rejoice! The Laundress offers a powerful stain remover and bleach alternative that are free of toxins, allergens, phthalates, petroleum and artificial color. Reviews claim the solutions effectively remove various stains including those of the pit variety, from makeup or even marinara sauce. Bonus, it’s a women-owned company so the eco and woman warrior in you will approve.

6 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products for a Cleaner (and Greener) Home | Upcycled paper towels

Upcycled “Paper Towels”

Even if you’re not ready to give up your standard cleaning products, there is still a way to make your wipe down more eco-friendly: ditch the paper towels. Odds are you have old sheets or clothes just waiting to be given a new life as reusable cloths. After decluttering your home (learn how to do so sustainably here), gather the textiles you’re planning to donate or recycle and pick some to cut up into paper towel-esque rectangles. They can be used for simple messes or to tackle large kitchen cleanups (in this instance we recommend using darker textiles to hide the stains). Once you’re done throw them in the washing machine with your other towels and they’ll be all set for your next deep clean.

*For a nice finishing touch, light a soy candle (we like this one), sit back, relax and enjoy your clean (and green) home!

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