Sustainable Gift Ideas for Him | 2022 Edition


Best Christmas Gifts for Him | 2 Presents wrapped in grey wrapping paper laying on a white fluffy rug.

If guys are supposed to be simple, then why does shopping for them always seem so complicated? Probably because fishing for suggestions is often met with pursed lips and a shrug that says “I don’t really need anything.”

Incredibly helpful. So of course, because you don’t want to get him something that will sit in the back of his closet for the next decade, you Google “best Christmas gifts for him” and now you’ve ended up here. Welcome. Whether you’re shopping for your dad, brother, or the co-worker you drew in your company’s secret Santa exchange, we’ve got a suggestion for you. Here’s a round up of some of the best Christmas gifts for him that are also great for the planet.

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Him That Are Also Planet-Friendly

1. A set of coasters that do more than prevent rings

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Stone Beer Coasters
Photo: Uncommon Goods

They also keep his beer cold. Or his bubbly water. Or whatever canned beverage he’s sipping on that day. These stone coasters can be stored in your freezer and taken out when he’s feeling parched. Bonus: if he’s prone to spills, these handy devices are also built to prevent tipping. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

2. A hoodie that’s perfect for cool summer evenings, or frigid winter days

Photo: Tentree

Made from organic cotton and recycled polyester this mid-weight fleece hoodie is the perfect combination of versatile and sustainable. It’s effortlessly stylish and warm, making it perfect for any cool-weathered occasion. Plus, as the name suggests, ten trees will be planted with your purchase. (Tentree, $78)

3. This cork wallet that’ll finally keep all his coins in one place

Best Christmas gifts for him - Tiradia Mens Wallet
Photo: Tiradia

So you can stop finding them in the washing machine. This sustainably-made wallet includes three card slots, a cash compartment, and multi-use pocket—perfect for coins, gum, or maybe a picture of his dog. Rest assured, it’s durable and waterproof, so it’ll withstand the tendencies of the roughest toughest men. (Tiradia, $48)

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4. A koozie that puts all other koozies to shame

Photo: Hydro Flask

He’ll be able to keep his drink cool even on the hottest of days with this two-in-one cooler cup. It doubles as a classic drinking cup, and a koozie so you can keep your drinks climate controlled wherever you go. (EarthHero, $24.95)

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5. These sneakers that double as rain boots

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Allbirds
Photo: Allbirds

If sneakers are his shoe of choice then these Wool Runner-up Mizzles from Allbirds makes the perfect two-in-one gift. Both comfy and water repellent, he’ll pretty much never have to take them off. Plus they’re sustainably made from Merino Wool and machine washable, making them built for years of stylish (and dry) feet. (Allbirds, $135)

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6. These boots that are stylish and functional

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Nisolo Boots
Photo: Nisolo

Maybe he’s more of a boot than a sneaker guy. If so, we’ve got an option for him too. These lace up boots can be dressed up for the office, or dressed down for a day in the rugged elements. (Nisolo, $260)

7. A vintage puzzle that’ll keep him busy on rainy days

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Puzzle
Photo: Uncommon Goods

A postcard for a gift doesn’t sound so lame now, right? At least as long as it’s in puzzle form. Choose the state he calls home, or maybe the one he hopes to call home one day. With 144 pieces, it’s the perfect rainy day activity. (Uncommon Goods, $38)

8. A unique set of drinking glasses

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Maybe he’s less of a puzzle, and more of bourbon guy. In which case, he can raise a glass to his favorite city with this delightfully thoughtful gift. Each glass contains an intricate etched map of a city of your choosing. (Uncommon Goods, $18)

8. A travel chess set so he can check mate from anywhere in the world

Best Christmas gifts for him - Chess Set

Whether he just finished The Queen’s Gambit or is a lifelong chess enthusiast, he’s sure to love this portable set. It’s handcrafted in India, and don’t worry about losing pieces, they’re all pegged, and can quickly and easily be stored in the foldable box. (Ten Thousand Villages, $34.99)

10. A pair of socks that save the planet with each step

Best Christmas gifts for him - Socks that Protect the Arctic
Photo: EarthHero

Knock his socks off (and then give him a new pair to put on) with this sustainable and cozy gift. Not only do these socks provide mega comfort, they’re also Fair Trade and Vegan certified. Plus they help save polar bears. How cool is that? (EarthHero, $15)

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11. A gift that will elevate his shower game

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Shower Steamers
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Because guys deserve a spa-like shower experience too. These steamers are packed with essential oil scents like pine and cedar orange. They’ll transform his shower from a bland necessity to a soothing ritual. (Uncommon Goods, $28 – $50)

12. The layering piece his closet is missing

Best Christmas gifts for him - Mens Puffer Vest
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

This all-gender puffer vest makes a practical, stylish, and eco-friendly gift—the perfect trifecta. It’s made with 100% recycled plastic bottles, and once he’s done with it (which hopefully won’t be for many moons) he can send it back to Girlfriend to be recycled. (Girlfriend Collective, $128)

13. A gift that’ll give his smart watch an eco upgrade

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Watch Band
Photo: Pela

If he’s worn out his watch band, give him an upgrade with this compostable one. It’s functional, fashionable, and planet-friendly—I’d give it the time of day. (Pela, $44.95)

14. The perfect winter hat

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Tentree Hat
Photo: Tentree

If he lives in a cold-weather state, he’ll get immense use out this hat. It comes in six colors, and according to my boyfriend (whom I bought one of these hats for last year), it’s “wildly comfortable and durable.” (Tentree, $35)

15. A speaker he can use literally anywhere

Best Christmas Gifts for Him - Wooden Speaker
Photo: EarthHero

Because it doesn’t require electricity. Instead this handcrafted speaker naturally amplifies sound up to four times through its meticulously cut layers. Perfect for camping, the beach, or pretty much anytime he needs his music to be moderately louder. Made from sustainably sourced birch, it can then be composted at the end of its life. (EarthHero, $59)

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*Please note that at the time this guide was created these products were in stock and the prices were accurate

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