Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life | 2022 Edition


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We all have a friend we turn to when we need a new recipe or restaurant recommendation. If a new pizza spot opened today, they probably already tried it yesterday. If a new way to make noodles just went viral on TikTok, they’re probably are already at the grocery store buying the ingredients.

But what do you gift that person for the holidays that isn’t just “dinner for two”? I’ve got some ideas for you. Keep reading for 13 of the best gifts for foodies that are also good for the planet.

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13 of The Best Gifts for Foodies This Holiday Season

1. A mini garden that will thrive anywhere

Best Gifts for Foodies - Mini Garden
Photo: Uncommon Goods

They don’t have to have room for a full garden with this mini herb growing kit. It’s self-watering and doesn’t need to be in a room with daylight to live—perfect for friend who wants fresh food with minimal effort. (Uncommon Goods, $200)

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2. A new set of recipes

best gifts for foodies - cookbook
Photos: Ten Thousand Villages

Help them eat more seasonally with this cookbook that celebrates fresh, local foods. It contains over 300 recipes, so they’ll have a constant source of inspiration for meal ideas. (Ten Thousand Villages, $24.99)

3. An upcycled apron

Best Gifts for Foodies - Apron
Photo: Ten Thousand Villages

This is one of the best gifts for foodies who maybe get a little messy in the kitchen. This upcycled apron is made from recycled sari fabric and anyone who feels at home in the kitchen is sure to love it. Also a fun bonus—it’s reversible (Ten Thousand Villages, $44.99)

4. A cute way to store their fruit

Best Gifts for Foodies - Bowl
Photo: Uncommon Goods

This sleek and ingenious fruit bowl is designed to make sure they get to eat their fruit at peak ripeness. Ready to eat fruit goes on the tray, not-so-ready fruit goes in the bowl. (Uncommon Goods, $68)

5. A way to fuel their sparkling water addiction

Best Gifts for Foodies - Carbonated Water
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Ditch the cans and bottles. With this gift they can make their own bubbly water right at home. (Uncommon Goods, $219)

6. A tool that will help them make the best pasta sauce

Best Gifts for Foodies - Pasta
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Homemade always trumps store-bought, right? Put that notion to the test with this homemade sauce press. No need for tedious tomato peeling or seeding with this handy device. The blade presses the produce while the strainer prevents seeds and skins from falling through. (Uncommon Goods, $40)

7. A gift that’ll spice things up

Best Gifts for Foodies - Hot sauce
Photos: Hive Brands

If they have a taste for spice, gift them a flight of hot sauces. Bonus points for throwing in some recipes to pair them with. (Hive Brands, prices vary)

8. Chocolate with meaning

Best Gifts for Foodies - chocolate
Photo: Hive Brands

If they have more of a sweet tooth, gift them one (or two, or three) of these chocolate bars from Tony’s Chocolonely. With your purchase you’ll be supporting the fight against child labor and enslavement on cocoa farms in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. (Hive Brands, $4.49

9. A cup of tea without the micro plastics

Best Gifts for Foodies - Mug
Photo: Ten Thousand Villages

Ditch the tea bags (g’bye micro plastics) and help them level up their tea game with this loose leaf tea mug. Handcrafted by artisans in Nepal, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a relaxing sip. (Ten Thousand Villages, $24.99)

10. Planet-friendly tea to go with their new mug

Best gifts for foodies - tea
Photo: Arbor Teas

And if they need some loose leaf tea to accompany their new mug you can’t go wrong with Arbor Teas. Their loose leaf teas come in backyard compostable packaging, making them a fantastic option for a more low-waste way to enjoy their morning beverage. (Arbor Teas, prices vary)

11. Grocery delivery that prevents food waste

Best gifts for foodies - imperfect foods
Photo: Imperfect Foods

Give the gift of fighting food waste (and not having to go to the grocery store) with an Imperfect Foods gift card. (Ok so the brand doesn’t actually offer gift cards on their website, but you could give a Visa gift card and indicate what it’s for, maybe even include a few of your favorite recipes for a personal touch).

With Imperfect Foods they can buy their groceries online from a selection of perfectly good foods that maybe have a few cosmetic quirks that prevented them from making their ways onto grocery store shelves. It’s a super easy way to prevent food waste, eat healthy, and save time. (Imperfect Foods, prices vary)

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12. A reusable alternative to parchment paper

Best gifts for foodies - silicone baking mat with Christmas cookies on it
Photo: Zefiro Waste

Baking will no longer require a bulky roll of parchment paper. With one (or two) of these reusable silicone mats, they can whip up a batch of Christmas cookies with a little less waste. (Zefiro Waste, $10)

13. A cooking class

A cooking class makes a great experience gift for anyone from kitchen connoisseurs to amateur chefs. It’ll give them a chance to pick up a new skill, make a memory, and of course enjoy some delicious food. For in-person classes, check out a Sur La Table near you or other local offerings. For virtual offerings, Uncommon Experiences has several options.

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