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Eco-friendly gifts don’t have to break the bank. In fact, contrary to popular belief, many very sustainable things cost little to nothing (see: secondhand shopping, turning off lights, air drying clothes, using reusables, I’ll stop myself now).

So it’s true, you can share the gift of sustainability while on a budget. And to make it even easier for you, I’ve rounded up a few Christmas gifts under $30 from my favorite sustainable brands. What’s that? Oh it’s the sound of your wallet (and Mother Earth) thanking you.

11 Sustainable Christmas Gifts Under $30

1. A new soap scent they’ll fall in love with

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Soap
Photo: EarthHero

This hand cut soap will have their shower smelling like their favorite cocktail. Naturally fragranced, these soap bars provide just the right amount of lather, hydration, and scent for the optimal clean. (EarthHero, $7.99

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2. A wine bottle like they’ve never seen before

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Platter
Photo: Uncommon Goods

These platters give wine & cheese night a whole new meaning. Unique and functional, these upcycled wine bottle platters, are sure to be a conversation starter. (Uncommon Goods, $24). 

3. Their new go-to wallet

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Wallet
Photo: Tiradia

Give the gift of minimalism with this simple card case. Made from sustainably-sourced cork, and able to hold up to three cards, it’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes to travel light. (Tiradia, $18)

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4. A welcome addition to their relaxing bath ritual

Photo: The Little Market

This sugar scrub will exfoliate their skin leaving it irresistibly soft. Infused with rose fragrance oil and herbs it makes for a delightfully floral experience. (The Little Market, $24)

5. A gift that’ll spice up their holiday season

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Nothing says the holidays like getting a little tipsy (do the kids still say tipsy?) on a bit of spiced wine. Make it easy for them with this pre-blended mix that’ll have them dreaming of a wine Christmas. (Uncommon Goods, $15)

6. Skincare that will work while they sleep

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Cocokind Mask
Photo: Cocokind

Who doesn’t love a low-maintenance skincare product? This overnight mask will help plump and rejuvenate their skin while they get some shut eye. (Cocokind, $22)

7. A two-in-one candle

Photos: The Growing Candle; EarthHero

This soy wax candle comes in an adorable ceramic planter. Once they’re done enjoying the flame, they can plant the wildflower seed paper label and give the candle holder a whole new purpose. (EarthHero, $29.99)

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8. A murder most puzzling

Photo: Uncommon Goods

Give them a whole new take on puzzling. Instead of putting together the 500 piece puzzle based on visual reference, they’ll follow a narrative that’ll help them piece it all together. The finished product provides all the clues they’ll need to catch the culprit. (Uncommon Goods, $19)

9. A campfire they can always have with them

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Campfire
Photos: Uncommon Goods

With this gift, they can take a warm, crackling fire with them anywhere. Perfect for the beach, backyard, or campsite this portable fire can be lit easily and with no mess or embers to spark a wildfire. I can hear you getting out the s’mores supplies now. (Uncommon Goods, $28)

10. A gift that’ll level up their food storage game

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Bees Wrap
Photo: EarthHero

Who doesn’t love a gift that reduces their reliance on single-use plastic? These handy food wraps are perfect for storing leftovers, taking food on the go, and they can double as a grip to open difficult jars. (EarthHero, $29.99)

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11. A journal that’ll remind them to breathe

Christmas Gifts Under $30 - Gratitude Journal
Photo: Matr Boomie

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves curl up with a journal on a rainy day. Made from 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper, it’s ready and raring to house all their self-reflections. (Matr Boomie, $28)

*Please note that at the time this guide was created these products were in stock and the prices were accurate.

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