Make Your Spooky Season Sustainable with These Easy DIY Halloween Costumes


Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Mom wrapping child up as a mummy

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the concept of simply going to the store, buying a plastic-wrapped set, and wearing it once never really appealed to me. Throw in the fact that the prices are often times more scary than the costumes ($50 for a see-through skirt and an itchy wig?) and it’s a big “no thank you” from me.

So the past few years, I’ve created DIY Halloween costumes. From my punny pigs in a blanket ensemble to my rendition of cultural icon, Moira Rose, my costumes of recent Halloweens past have all been born from my closet, the thrift store, and maybe a $20 accessory purchase from the local Spirit.

A good DIY costume keeps spooky season affordable and sustainable. If you need some inspiration of your own, continuing reading below for ten of my favorite easy DIY Halloween costumes!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

1. DIY Mummies

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Mummy Family
Photo: BlueGrayGal

If you have old sheets that need upcycling, here is your chance. You can use them to turn yourself (or your whole family) into this spooky halloween classic. Kelly Page of BlueGrayGal comes through with all of the tips for pulling off this easy last minute costume.

2. Ice Cream Cone

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Ice Cream Cone
Photo: Treasures & Travel

Ladies, I know most of you have a white dress in your closet, so whip it out and turn yourself into this sweet treat! Create the illusion of sprinkles with some colored popsicle sticks. Then for the cherry (or rather, the cone) on top, grab some of that brown paper I know you have saved from your latest earth-friendly purchase, wrap it up into a funnel, and pop it on your head for the world’s easiest DIY hat. Get the full tutorial from Treasures & Travel.

3. Cruella de Vil

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Cruella De Vil
Photo: Color Me Courtney

Recreate the iconic villainess’s look by grabbing your favorite LBD and thrifting a white shawl or fake fur jacket. Finish off the look with a red lip and gloves to match (P.S. don’t forget to practice your conniving smirk).

4. Pineapple

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Pineapple
Photo: Studio DIY

Make this Halloween a little more tropical with this super simple DIY pineapple costume from Studio DIY. All you need is a yellow dress, a toilet paper roll (upcycling FTW!), and a piece of green poster board.

5. Morton Salt Girl

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Morton Salt Girl
Photo: Keiko Lynn

If you’re feeling a bit more salty than sweet, then try out this Morton Salt Girl costume. Makes great use of a yellow dress and your spice cabinet.

6. Mario & Luigi

Easy DIY Halloween Costume - Mario & Luigi
Photo: EmmasEdition

Team up with your bestie to recreate the iconic duo that is Mario and Luigi. All you need are red and green dresses, hats to match, and white gloves. If you can’t find those items in your closet, I bet you can find them at the thrift store!

7. Wednesday Addams

Easy DIY Halloween Costume - Wednesday Addams
Photo: Just a Tina Bit

If black is your wardrobe’s primary color, you probably already have everything you need for this easy DIY Halloween costume. Style your hair in braids, add a skull accessory, and voila!—you’re apart of the all together ooky, Addams Family.

8. Elle Woods

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Elle Woods
Photo: West Acres

All it takes is a pink dress, a few accessories, and a notebook to recreate the look of early 2000’s feminist icon, Elle Woods. Bonus points if you’re the owner of a chihuahua (real or fake) that you can add to your purse.

9. Raining Men

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Raining Men
Photo: Studio DIY

If you’re looking for a super last minute costume, it doesn’t get much easier than this “raining men” concept from Studio DIY. Just grab your rain gear, print out some photos of your favorite male celebrities, and you’re out the door!

10. Green With Envy

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes - Green With Envy
Photo: Kathryn Wirsing

All my pun-lovers will appreciate this couples costume. All you need is a green outfit and a partner willing to write “envy” on an old t-shirt. Together you become, “Green With Envy.” You’ll get laughs, I promise.

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