5 Pairs of Eco-Friendly Joggers under $100 | Building a sustainable wardrobe can be tough, but these 5 eco-friendly brands produce great joggers for anyone looking to give their closet an eco-boost without breaking the bank.

5 Pairs of Eco-Friendly Joggers Under $100

Comfy clothes – my favorite category of apparel. Anyone else? Sweatshirts, sweatpants and pajamas are all items that I keep for years and wear often, so when building my arsenal of sustainable clothing, this seemed like the place to start. My first purchase was a pair of eco-friendly joggers (because I was not yet the owner of any public-worthy sweatpants). During my search I came upon these 5 brands, which all provide great options for anyone l ...


4 Sustainable Ways to Shop for New Clothes

So truthfully, walking around naked is the most eco-friendly way to dress ourselves, which means balancing a love of fashion and the environment can be tough. Reducing our consumption of clothing, even from eco-friendly retailers, is critical for environmental sustainability. With that said, sometimes a new purchase is inevitable (seriously, you can’t wear the same dress to Jenny AND Katie’s weddings), however before purchasing a virgin piece of ...

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