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10 Easy Vegan Recipes You Would Never Guess are Vegan

If you consistently cook for someone other than just yourself then you know it's typically pretty hard to please everyone with your meal picks. It's even harder when you want to attempt a plant-based lifestyle in a house full of meat and dairy eaters. That's why I've compiled this list of my favorite easy vegan recipes that your household carnivores will love. Lentil Bolognese From Swap meat for lentils and m ...

A group of colorful candles being lit with a match.

Are Candles Toxic? A Guide to Candle Toxicity and Environmental Impact

There is a lot of chatter on the world wide web when it comes to the effects of candles on human and environmental health.  If you’ve ever Googled “eco-friendly candles” or “are candles toxic?” you’ve likely been greeted with a plethora of blog posts advising you to toss out all your conventional candles because they’re made of paraffin, which emits “harmful volatile organic compounds.” Similarly, you may have heard that many scented can ...


8 Ways to Cope With Eco-Anxiety

Just when you thought you didn’t have enough to talk about with your therapist, the climate crisis now has you trying to figure out how to cope with eco-anxiety. As defined by the American Psychological Association (that’s right it’s THAT official) eco-anxiety is the “chronic fear of environmental doom.” It can result from a fear of the unknown, not being able to predict the future of our planet. It can manifest itself as PTSD following a tr ...

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6 Tips for a More Eco-Friendly Workout

So, we’re not professionals in the gym. Our forte is running (it’s free, low-waste, you can be at one with nature, all that jazz). In the past year though, we’ve made an effort to expand our horizons in the workout world and set foot in an actual real-life gym. This means disposable gym wipes, water bottles, protein powders and new workout gear. Doesn’t seem very sustainable, which would bother any self-respecting Green Freak, so here are a few ...

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