Planner for the Planet

Sustainable systems for your life and the earth

Keep life on track while going green with this sleek digital planner that helps you reach your goals and stay sustainable day-to-day

Notion Life Planner - Planner for the Planet on iPad

5% of profits donated to environmental organizations

For every purchase of the Planner for the Planet Notion Pack, 5% of profits will be donated to organizations fighting climate change and environmental injustice such as The Slow Factory, ACE, and The Clean Air Task Force.

Planner for the Planet is the digital organization tool you never knew you needed

As a dynamic workspace that you can access from your computer, tablet, or phone, Planner for the Planet allows you to keep life organized no matter where you are. It’s also the exact system I never go a day without as a part-time business owner, part-time nine-to-fiver, and full-time human just trying to live minimally and sustainably.

Notion Life Planner
Notion Life Planner - Weekly Planner, Goal Setting Hub and Habit Tracker

Plan & Organize

+ Weekly Planner & Calendar

From the Brain Drain log, to the Task Tracker, to the Upcoming Events Dashboard, the Weekly Planning Hub and Yearly Calendar will make sure you never miss a deadline, birthday, or appointment again.

+ Goal Setting Templates

Set and track progress on goals all in one place. Complete with templates and quarterly reflections guides, the Goals Hub will help ensure you realize all your professional, personal, financial and, sustainability-related goals for the year!

+ Habit Tracker

Record your daily habits in your dynamic Habits Dashboard which shows you the last time you completed your habit and current progress to help keep you motivated!

Make Sustainability Sustainable

+ Sustainability Hub

Access all your sustainability goals, habits, wishlists, resources, and sustainable swaps in one place. 

+ Recipes & Meal Planning

Plan your meals for the week with minimal effort by using the dynamic recipe catalog and meal calendar. Add recipes to your grocery list with the click of a button. Plus, track the vegan vs. veg vs. meat-based make-up of your diet with user-friendly Notion Charts!

+Learning Hub

Your Learning Hub comes with guided lessons made up of some of my most popular content. Want to learn how to compost, shop more sustainably, or simply learn the basics of eco-friendly living? You can find it all in the easy-to-navigate learning paths within the hub. Want to add your own resources too? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered as well. 👍

Notion Life Planner - Sustainability Hub, Sustainable Swap Status, Learning Hub
Notion Life Planner - Financial Hub, Charts

Track Finances & Spending Habits

+Financial Hub

Set spending limits, savings goals, and track finances on a monthly and yearly basis with automated charts and dashboards that make looking at your bank account fun again. 


Develop more sustainable shopping habits with your List Hub where you can log sustainable swaps and create wishlists that’ll help you appreciate what you already have, avoid buyer’s remorse, and shop with intention.

+Brand Directory

Pre-filled with some of my favorite sustainable businesses, the Brand Directory acts as a catalog of all your go-to brands (eco-related or not). The visual dashboard is linked to your Financial Hub, which means it automatically tracks how much you spend with each brand, and can even show you the breakdown of your sustainable vs. secondhand vs. conventional purchases for the year. 

Take Care Of Yourself

+ Self-Care & Fitness Hubs

Keep self-care and fitness top of mind by using these hubs to create easy-to-follow workout schedules, record daily gratitudes, affirmations, and more!

+Travel Hub

Easily plan and organize trips using the Trip Planning Template so you can spend more time enjoying vacation and less time worrying about the details.

+ Reading List

Keep track of upcoming reads with your book wishlist, check off and rate books as you finish them, and easily track your reading goals for the year all in one dynamic dashboard. 

Notion Life Planner - Self Care Hub, Reading List, Travel Hub
Notion Life Planner - The Notion Planner displayed on a computer monitor on a desk


Who is the Planner for the Planet Notion Pack for?

This Notion Life Planner has been created for the everyday user who wants to keep life in order and sustainability-oriented. Consider yourself an organization enthusiast? Looking to log your goals and habits all in one place? Want to simply track spending habits and buy less this year? Then I think you’ll like this pack ☺️

How do I access the Notion Template Pack?

Once purchased, your access to Planner for the Planet will be delivered to your inbox as a digital PDF for download. Included will also be instructions and a video tutorial on how to get started.  

Do I need to pay for Notion?

This template works with Notion’s free plan! However, if you plan on sharing with more than 5 users or upload files larger than 5 MB, Notion’s premium plan would be required.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the digital format of this product and you will receive instant access to the entire product following purchase, therefore no refunds are available. All purchases are final.

How long will it take me to set up?

This Notion Life Planner is easily customizable and includes a video tutorial, placeholders, and instructions. The templates are dynamic and ready to be customized to fit your needs. 

Why Notion?

Notion is a dynamic, digital workspace that adapts to your needs. It’s databases, widgets, and note-taking features make it a powerful productivity app for organization enthusiasts and to-do list fanatics alike! I made the switch from a physical planner to Notion about two years ago and my life (and stress levels) are better for it!  🎉