Practical Eco-Friendly Gifts for Everyone On Your List | 2022 Edition


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Gifts don’t always have be extravagant. Sometimes the best gift is the one you they’ll actually use. Quick story time: my sister bought me a Costco-sized pack of razors and tampons for Christmas while I was in college. 16-year-old me would’ve been personally offended at such a mundane token. However, 21-year-old me, whose definition of “treat yo-self” was a $5 bottle of wine and a pack of ramen, was elated.

What I’m saying is, sometimes it’s nice to be gifted the things you simply don’t want to buy for yourself. So here are all the practical gifts that anyone, from broke college student to wall-street banker, would actually use (and love).

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11 Practical Gifts That Anyone Could Use

1. Reusable storage bags that can be used for more than just food

Practical Gifts - Stasher Bags
Photo: EarthHero

Level up their food storage with this set of reusable silicone bags. Microwave and dishwasher safe, they can be used for everything from freezing leftovers, to making popcorn. Who’s Ziploc? We don’t know her anymore. (EarthHero, $57.95)

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2. Comfy, planet-friendly undies

Photo: Knickey

You can never have too many undies. Knickey provides, comfortable and sustainable options by seeking out the most environmentally responsible processes, low-impact fabrics and ethical manufacturing. They’re also size-inclusive with sizes ranging from XXS – XXXL  (Knickey, Starter Set, $97)

3. Everything they need for a sparkling clean home

Practical Gifts - Blueland copy
Photo: Blueland

This is one of my favorite practical gifts. The clean essentials kit from Blueland includes a bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, and hand-soap. It’s everything they need to tidy up their home, minus the chemicals and plastic that come with your typical cleaning products. I personally use all of these products and have never looked back. (Blueland, $39)

4. Everything they need for a sparkling clean bum

Practical Gifts - Who Gives a Crap
Photo: Who Gives A Crap

And when it comes to keeping your bum clean, look no further than Who Gives a Crap. Their bamboo and recycled toilet paper is good to the planet and your skin. If you’re not sure how much to gift just know that the 48-pack lasted my two-person household about eight months. Happy wiping! (Who Gives a Crap, $34 – $54)

5. A new way for them to dispose of food scraps

Practical Gifts - Living Composter
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Preventing food waste just got even cooler with this modern, odorless composter. They’ll just drop food scraps into the opening and in a few days they’ll have compost that is ready to fertilize their lawn or plants. Not sure why preventing food waste is important? Allow me to explain. (Uncommon Goods, $199)

6. All the natural hygiene essentials they need

Photo: PiperWai

This hygiene bundle from PiperWai will completely change the way they freshen up. The Ginger Chamomile Body Wash provides a delightful scent while lathering up and comes in a recyclable aluminum bottle while the activated charcoal deodorant comes in a recycled ocean plastic dispenser, and will keep you naturally fresh and dry all day long. Oh and if you’d like to check a couple more boxes, it’s also a black and women-owned company. (PiperWai, $38)

7. A plastic-free way to store food

Practical Gifts - Bees Wrap
Photo: Bees Wrap

They’ll never have to buy plastic-wrap again with these reusable food wraps. Perfect for storing leftovers, transporting snacks, or even serving as the grip they need to finally get that jar open. Don’t be surprised if they thank you for changing their life. (EarthHero, $41.99)

8. The last razor they’ll ever need

Practical Gifts - Leaf Shave Kit
Photo: Leaf Shave

Disposable razors won’t even be part of their vocabulary anymore with this gift. Leaf Shave safety razors are plastic-free and can be used for a lifetime. All they’ll have to do is replace the razor blades (which are much less expensive than a pack of razors, and can be recycled). Plus, the pivoting head and three-blade set up makes the shaving process a breeze. (Leaf Shave, $59 – $139).

9. A lighter they can use forever

Practical Gifts - Lighter
Photo: Uncommon Goods

No more throwing away lighters. This one can sit in their junk drawer for an eternity. Rechargeable and flameless, it’s the perfect eco-friendly way for them to light their favorite scented candles. (Uncommon Goods, $30)

10. Their new favorite laundry detergent

Practical Gifts - Laundry Sheets
Photo: Kind Laundry

Make laundry day a whole lot easier for them with these detergent sheets. No plastic bottles, no mess, just 60 sheets that can be torn into whatever portion they need. I personally use these, and it’s my favorite planet-friendly way to wash a load. (Kind Laundry, $19.95)

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11. A cozy slumber

Practical gifts - Buffy Sheets copy
Photo: Buffy

And finally, give them an eco-friendly place to lay their head at night. Buffy’s Eucalyptus sheets are made of sustainably sourced and plant-based fibers. As a personal user of these sheets, I can attest that they’re incredibly soft and will keep you cool and cozy all night. (Buffy, $169-$229)

*Please note that at the time this guide was created these products were in stock and the prices were accurate.

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