10 Sustainable Stress-Relief Gifts For Ultimate Relaxation | 2022 Edition


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We all have that friend who is attached to their work laptop, or just has to take a quick two-hour call on their day off. These friends need a little bit of help unplugging. How can you assist? Give them the gift of relaxation.

From calming incense to cozy lounge sets, these stress relief gifts will help even the busiest of bees unwind. If you hear sighs of relief, that means they’re working.

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10 Stress Relief Gifts from Ethical & Eco-Friendly Brands

1. A gift that just makes (in)cense

Stress Relief Gifts - Incense
Photo: Ten Thousand Villages

This set includes tea lights, bar soap, a terrycloth scrubber, sandalwood incense, and an incense holder. Everything they’ll need for a stress-relieving bath. Just add a cup of tea (or wine) for maximum relaxation. (Ten Thousand Villages, $39.99)

2. A new kind of play-doh

Stress Relief Gifts - Therapy Dough
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Take a trip down memory lane with this adult version of play-doh. Used by therapists to help patients manage feelings of anxiety and depression, it can be squeezed and shaped to their heart’s desire. Infused with essential oils, this fidget-fighting gift, provides not only fun, but stress relief as well. (Uncommon Goods, $15)

3. The sound of relaxation

Stress Relief Gifts - Chimes
Photo: Ten Thousand Villages

The calming sounds of this nine-bell wind chime will give them an elegant reminder to take a breather. What’s even more calming? Knowing it was handcrafted by fair trade artisans in India. (Ten Thousand Villages, $39.99)

4. Sustainable skincare products for the ultimate self-care evening

Stress Relief Gifts - Cocokind Bundle
Photo: Cocokind

Nothing gives off classic self-care vibes like a face mask. This set from from planet-friendly skincare brand, Cocokind, comes with a 4 step routine that instantly replenishes skin’s moisture levels and supports natural skin barrier function, leaving you with plump, glowing skin. (Cocokind, $71)

5. A cozy set they’ll never want to take off

Stress Relief Gifts - Mate
Photo: Mate The Label

Build them a custom cozy set. Combine shorts and a tank top, sweatpants and sweatshirt, or anything in between to get a fashionably comfortable outfit they can wear over and over again. Oh and did I mention it’s made from non-toxic, natural, and organic materials? I guess the perfect loungewear does exist. (Mate The Label, prices vary)

6. A creative outlet to help them unwind

Stress Relief Gifts - Paint by Number
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Let them channel their inner Van Gogh with this winter-themed paint-by-number kit. Even if they haven’t put paint to paper since elementary school art class, they’ll still enjoy this. The simple designs use only eight colors, so even the most novice of painters create refrigerator-worthy art. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

7. A way to keep self-care on the calendar

Stress Relief Gifts - Planner
Photo: EarthHero

If they live and die by their planner, then they should at least have one that prioritize’s their wellness. This six-month planner will help them reach their goals while keeping gratitude, mindfulness, and health top of mind. All other planners can kindly take a seat. (EarthHero, $39.99).

8. Something to keep their hands busy and their mind calm

Stress Relief Gifts - Puzzle
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If they can’t seem to put down their phone, give them something else to occupy their hands. Like a puzzle. This unorthodox wooden one is comprised of 330 pieces that converge into a beautiful image of the night sky. (Uncommon Goods, $90)

9. A gift that’ll give them that warm fuzzy feeling

Stress Relief Gifts - Wrap
Photos: Ten Thousand Villages

This wrap feels like a warm hug on a cold winter’s day. Heat it up by microwaving and then place on areas of stress. Wherever they hold their tension—shoulders, stomach, even their forehead—this versatile wrap will provide a welcome sense of relief. (Ten Thousand Villages, $44.99)

10. A place to practice their meditation

Stress Relief Gifts - Yoga Mat
Photos: EarthHero

This sustainably harvested cork mat gives them the perfect place to practice their deep breathing and downward dog. The design is made with non-toxic dyes and for every mat sold 10 meals are donated to those in need through Feeding Children Everywhere. (EarthHero, $102)

*Please note that at the time this guide was created these products were in stock and the prices were accurate.

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