Sustainable Gift Ideas for Her | 2022 Edition


Sustainable gifts for her - a present wrapped in white and gold paper next to a tree

When the women in your life deserve nothing but the best, it sure does make shopping hard. Average won’t cut it. You need a superior gift. A gift fit for a queen.

Well, don’t worry—I got you covered. From cute cork bags to comfy essentials to planet-friendly self-care products, here’s a round up of unique and sustainable gifts for her that will put you at the top of her nice list.

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15 Sustainable Gifts for Her

1. Arguably the greatest puzzle in existence

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Women's Day Puzzle
Photo: Uncommon Goods

A puzzle made up of her favorite feminist powerhouses? And it’s made of 90% post-consumer recycled materials? Truly iconic. Give her this, and they might as well just call you Ruth Bader Giftsburg. (Uncommon Goods, $22)

2. A backpack she can take everywhere

Photo: Tiradia

In my opinion, backpacks are the superior bag. Walking around with both my hands free—I always thought it couldn’t get much better. Until it did. I discovered Tiradia and fell in love with their backpacks. They’re sustainably made with cork (which btw is waterproof), and they’re incredibly cute. Trust me, the women in your life will love them as much as I do. (Tiradia, $125-$180)

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3. A place to store her wine corks

Sustainable gifts for her - wine state
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Speaking of cork, lets talk about where she can store the kind that come out of her wine bottles. No need toss them in a drawer to “do something with later.” Instead it can become immediate decor. She just has to add it to this state-shaped wall-art. (Uncommon Goods, $35)

4. A pair of pants she’ll want to wear all the time

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Mate the Label Pant
Photo: Mate the Label

These 100% organic cotton thermal pants will envelop her in comfort whether she’s lounging on the couch or running errands. Plus they come in nine colors so you’re sure to find one that matches her personality. (Mate The Label, $138)

5. A moisturizer bundle to keep her skin smooth & supple

Sustainable Gifts for Her | cocokind products
Photo: Cocokind

Treat her skin to a blend of moisture-rich formulas and barrier-strengthening ingredients. This nourishing duo instantly restores skin’s moisture levels and soothes the appearance of irritation so her skin can stay glowing even on the coldest and driest of days. (Cocokind, $47)

6. A workout set that’ll make her look forward to exercising

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Girlfriend
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Because leg day is so much more enjoyable when you’re doing it in cute, consciously created gear. This set is made from recycled water bottles, and can be recycled itself at the end of it’s life. (Girlfriend Collective, $59 – $73)

7. Shoes she can wear all day

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Nisolos
Photo: Nisolo

Catch her in the office, or at brunch in these versatile and effortlessly stylish mules from Nisolo. With certified B-Corp and Climate Neutral status, Nisolo aims to make ethical fashion a part of your everyday wardrobe. And I’d say they’re succeeding, because what do you look for in everyday wear? Comfort, function and style. With a waterproof upper, cushioned insoles, and four colors to choose from these shoes just that. (Nisolo, $160)

8. A relaxing DIY project

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Bath Bombs
Photo: Uncommon Goods

If she loves crafts and baths, look no further. This kit makes 16 mini bath bombs out of all natural ingredients. (Uncommon Goods, $25)

9. A bag that’s as convenient as it is fashionable

Photo: Abby Alley

Made by skilled artisans in Tanzania and Kenya, Abby Alley bags are accessories you can feel good about carrying. Not only is this sling bag timeless and functional, but it’s also extremely versatile. She can wear it as pictured, or around her waist. If it becomes her new everyday bag, I wouldn’t be surprised. (Abby Alley, $215)

10. A pair of trusty sneakers

Photo: AllBirds

As an owner of these sneakers myself I can confidently say they’re a gem. The Wool Pipers are supremely comfortable and fashionable—a daily wear in my book. My white pair has been surprisingly easy to keep clean (even after being trampled on by muddy paws). Plus they’re made with sustainable materials—the cherry on top. (Allbirds, $98)

Buy here for a pair of free socks with your purchase!

11. Socks that prevent breast cancer

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Breast Cancer Socks
Photo: Conscious Step

Sort of. With your purchase of these socks you’ll be supporting breast cancer prevention. I mean, she’s gotta wear socks, right? Might as well be a special pair that supports her special pair. (EarthHero, $40)

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12. A gift that’ll elevate her wine and cheese nights

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Cheese Board
Photo: Ten Thousand Villages

By gifting her this serving board, that will surely act as the perfectly aesthetic backdrop to her latest charcuterie board, you’re also supporting fair trade artisans. This rustic-chic board is handcrafted by artisans from the Asha Handicrafts Association, which supports artisans in and around Mumbai. (Ten Thousand Villages, $44.99)

13. A necklace with meaning that’s perfect for everday wear

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Necklace
Photo: Heartfelt by Manoja

Heartfelt By Manoja makes sustainable, handcrafted jewelry that is affordable and cute. Their gems are mined ethically, and shipments come in 100% recyclable material, making this dainty charm necklace the perfect gift for that special gem in your life. (Heartfelt by Manoja, $48)

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14. The conscious beauty essentials she’ll love

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Ilia Beauty Set
Photo: Ilia

You can’t really go wrong with these must-have beauty essentials. The set includes Ilia’s Mascara, Multi-use Pigment, Hydrating Lip Balm, and Chromatic Eye Tint. Each product is crafted using conscious, carefully selected ingredients to deliver high quality formulas that are good for your skin and the planet. (Ilia Beauty, $68)

15. A gift that keeps giving

Sustainable Gifts for Her - Plants
Photo: The Sill

Give her the gift of plant-parenting with a three-month subscription to The Sill. Each month she’ll receive a new plant baby with an accompanying ceramic planter so she can live out all of her plant-parent dreams. (The Sill, $65 per month)

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