12 Sustainable Products You Can Buy on Your Next Target Run


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Accessibility has been and continues to be a difficult challenge when it comes to sustainable living. Once upon a time you couldn’t find many sustainable products at Target. In fact, most planet-friendly products were only available online (and many still are)—a big barrier if you need something “right now.” There’s also the fact that bulk stores are sparse, many sustainable products are a tad on the expensive side, and food deserts make plant-based eating difficult for many people. 

I don’t think the lack of accessibility will live on forever though. I’ve noticed big box stores, like Target, are beginning to carry a lot more eco-friendly products. Do some of them smell of greenwashing? Of course, but not all. To help you decide which planet-friendly products to nab while running errands, here’s a round-up of 12 sustainable products at Target.

12 Sustainable Products at Target

1. Silicone food storage bags

From Left: Stasher Bag, $23.99; (re)zip Lunch Bag, $8.99

A reusable silicone bag is an excellent alternative to a single-use plastic Ziploc, and Target carries a variety of brands, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. There’s Stasher, which is probably the most well-known brand, but falls a bit on the pricier side. Then there’s (re)zip, which offers similar zip top bags for a fraction of the price. However, Stasher bags are microwave and dishwasher safe, while (re)zip bags should not be microwaved and handwashing is recommended. 

2. Sustainable skincare

Sustainable Products at Target - cocokind cream
Cocokind Texture Smoothing Cream, $25.99

Cocokind is a skincare brand looking to disrupt the beauty industry. They’re passionate about being incredibly transparent and only using ingredients that are good for you and the planet, which makes them a great option if you’re looking to make your self-care routine a little more eco-friendly. A wide variety of their products are available at Target including their smoothing cream and my personal favorite, the Tumeric Spot Treatment that works wonders on dark spots and zits.

3. Shampoo bars

Sustainable Products at Target - Ethique and Spring and Vine Shampoo Bars
From Left: Ethique Shampoo Bar, $15.99, Spring & Vine Shampoo Bar, $9.99

Shampoo bars can be a divisive topic—most people either love them or hate them. Which I completely understand. It can be hard to find one that works for you since it’s mostly a game of trial and error. If you can find one your locks love though, it can be a great way to cut down on plastic waste, and in many cases, save some money. Once relegated only to online or bulk shops, shampoo bars are now making an appearance on the shelves of many mainstream stores, including Target, who stocks a variety of them for different hair types and price points. 

4. Body wash

Sustainable Products at Target - Body wash
From Left: Hey Humans Body Wash, $5.99; Dr. Bronners All-One Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Bar Soap. $5.59

While bar soap has long been a less wasteful form of body wash, I totally understand the desire to have big bottle of liquid soap. It’s often easier to handle, lathers better on a washcloth, and in some cases, lasts longer. If you find yourself on team liquid, there’s now an option for you that doesn’t involve plastic, and Target carries it. It’s called Hey Humans and it comes in an infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle.

For team bar soap, I’d recommend Dr. Bronner’s. Their soaps are certified organic, fair trade, and cruelty free! 

5. Deodorant

Sustainable Products at Target - Deoderants
From Left: Hey Humans Natural Deodorant, $4.99; Native Plastic Free Charcoal Deodorant, $12.99

Seeing less plastic packaging in the deodorant aisle warms my heart. At Target, two of the best options are Native and Hey Humans. Native comes in a much higher price point, however they offer a charcoal formula, which has antiperspirant properties. Hey Humans on the other hand does not have a charcoal option. So while going with the latter will be lighter on your wallet, it’ll also be lighter on your sweat.  

6. Toothpaste

Sustainable Products at Target - toothpaste
From Left: David’s Antiplaque & Whitening Natural Toothpaste, $9.99; Hey Humans Fluoride Toothpaste, $3.99

Toothpaste is a tricky sustainable swap in my opinion. Oral health is not something to mess around with, and the toothpaste we use can contribute heavily to whether we get a gold star or a slap on the wrist at the dentist office. That said, there do seem to be some more sustainable, yet effective pastes emerging in the market. One of these is from Hey Humans. At $3.99 it’s incredibly affordable, and it contains fluoride if that’s what you’re into. If that’s not what you’re into, David’s Toothpaste also has several options for you and both brands come in infinitely recyclable aluminum tubes.

7. Body lotion

Sustainable Products at Target - Lotion
From Left: Hey Humans Body Lotion, $5.99; Dr. Bronner’s Body Lotion, $9.29

Moisturizer is crucial part of your skincare routine. If you’re like me, you probably use it every day and on nearly all parts of your body. So of course you want it to be good for you and for the earth. Target stocks a couple options that check both of those boxes. Hey Humans once again comes in an aluminum bottle and is cruelty-free. Dr. Bronner’s also offers an excellent body lotion made with certified organic and fair trade ingredients.

8. Dish soap

Sustainable Products at Target - Dish Soap
From Left: Grove Co. Ultimate Dish Soap, $4.99; Dr. Bronners Pure-Castille Citrus Bar Soap, $5.59

A plastic-free dish soap that actually works was once a unicorn, but not anymore. You can pick up Grove’s plastic-free, biodegradable dish soap at your local Target. It comes in an infinetly recyclable aluminum bottle and can be poured into a reusable glass soap dispenser (or even an old plastic one you’d like to upcycle). 

Pro-tip: if you want to really minimize your packaging try using bar soap for your dishes. Simply grab a bar of castille soap (Dr. Bronner’s works great!), rub your scrubber (or sponge) over it to create a lather and get to washing. 

P.S. if you’re still using a plastic sponge, here are some more sustainable alternatives

9. Refillable Keurig filter

Sustainable Products at Target - Keurig Pod
Reusable Keurig Filter, $15.59

Does a little part of you die every time you throw away a K-Cup? It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. This reusable filter allows you to brew your own coffee grounds in your Keurig. You get all the convenience of a single serve coffee maker without the plastic waste. Worried about clean up? No need to. This filter is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

10. Countertop compost bin

Sustainable Products at Target - Compost bin
Stainless Steel Compost Bin, $29.99

Get started on your compost journey with this countertop compost bin. You can use it to collect food scraps throughout the week before transferring to your outdoor pile. Or if you don’t have an outdoor compost you can collect your scraps and then find a local drop off or pick up service that will compost your food scraps for you.

11. Compostable plates

Sustainable Products at Target - Plates
Compostable Fiber Plates, $8.29

When it comes to environmental impact, reusable plates are always preferred, but sometimes life calls for disposable dinnerware. Whether you’re hosting a large barbecue, or your dishwasher is on the fritz and you simply can’t keep up with the cleaning, these backyard compostable plates make a good alternative to paper or plastic. But aren’t all paper plates compostable? They’re made of paper after all. Yes, many of them are, but some may contain a plastic coating, or if they’re sporting a fun design, the dyes might not be compostable. This is why it’s important to look for “backyard compostable” on the label.

12. Recyclable cups

Sustainable Products at Target - Cups
Ball Aluminum Cup, $6.49

Level up your red solo cups with these infinitely recyclable aluminum cups. While red solo cups may appear to be recyclable (ya know, because they’re plastic), that’s not always the case. Many municipal recycling programs cannot recycle that type of plastic. And even if they could, plastic can only be recycled so many times before it becomes unusable. Aluminum however maintains its quality regardless of how many times it’s thrown in that little green bin. So if you need an abundance of disposable cups for your next game of beer pong, try opting for the aluminum option.

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